The Silence Will Set Her Free: A New Perspective || Mason&Emerson


Mason was right, he usually was, Emerson didn’t go to see him for that reason. Her blue gaze faltered for a moment, feeling slightly less confident in herself. Silently, Emerson moved to sit next to Mason, still keeping her eyes on his. She shrugged off her backpack and set it on the floor on her way down. And after a moment, that’s when the dark haired girl leaned over, placed a gentle palm on the side of Mason’s neck, and kissed him. Suddenly, she realized what she had done, opened her blue eyes wide, and pulled back, she literally had no words. Her mind was racing a mile a minute and Emerson had no idea why she just did that. Sure, it felt nice, really really nice, and they have done more before, but this time felt different. Different like, Emerson’s feelings were in it. Or maybe she was still tripping. Who knows?

Mason’s eyes widened, and he felt his breath catch as Emerson retreated.”Em, what… where, where did that come from?”, his voice shook. Something was different now, in what way, good or bad, he couldn’t say. He just knew that things could never, ever, return to normal again. Sure, he and Emerson had fooled around before but this was different, this was completely different. He could still feel her on his lips, still taste her. Cigarette’s and sugar, a darkly sweet taste, not bad yet also not good. A uniquely nuanced and complex flavor, a living flavor. A shiver broke him from his revere, and thrust him back into the situation before him. “I… no Em, it’s… not right but… we can’t… we shouldn’t… you’re… I don’t know, goddamn I don’t know.” He couldn’t collect enough thoughts together to form a coherent sentence. Everything was just so much dust, floating through a vacuum. He attempted to speak: “It wasn’t wrong it was… just…” But he was lost for words.

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